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Monday, November 2, 2009

Coues Quest 2009 - Falling Short

After a half dozen scouting trips in the blistering heat of Arizona's early fall season, I settled in on a plan to hunt south of Redfield Canyon.  I had glassed up a couple decent bucks in the area and felt like the area wouldn't be pressured by other hunters.  I explored every canyon and glassed from every peak in the
areas between Redfield Canyon, Cherry Springs Canyon, Salacita Spring, and Swamp Springs Canyon.  Although a good time was had in the three days I hunted the area, I could not produce a buck of the caliber in some of the scouting pictures below.

Camp Location

Hunt Area

Scouting picture of Coues Whitetail

Scouting Picture of Coues Whitetail

Cherry Spring

Looking North towards Redfield Canyon.

Lion Country....