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There will be no high-fence hunts, no fly fishing lodges, no streamside caviar and wine breaks. Instead, you can expect cold nights sleeping in the dirt, flat tires on old trucks, and big dreams realized on small budgets. With Basin & Range Outdoors you will find useful reviews of hunting and fly fishing products, techniques, locations, and a general review of our outdoor expeditions on public land.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Arizona Lion on the Wall!!!

Last Thursday I came back to the office from lunch to find a plywood box delivered from Libby, MT.  Finaly! I thought... Gary's mountain lion has made it back from the taxidermist.  Almost two years ago Gary went lion hunting in the southern part of the state with Jarred Nichols and ended up treeing this awesome 130-140lb tom. 
It didn't take long for Gary to decide to send this cat to one of the best taxdermists in the country, Phil Soucy out of Libby.  Philip Soucy Studios has a reputation for producing incredible cat mounts.  Check out Philip Soucy Studios.
After the long wait we waisted no time tearing into the plywood box in anticipation of seeing the piece of art inside... And Mr. Soucy did not dissapoint!  Congradulations Gary... on an exceptional Arizona lion and an extraordinary mount.

The mount still in the box:

Up on the wall: