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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arizona's Unit 13A - AZGFD Deer Check Point

This email has been going around.  I think I have recieved it twice today from different people.  Take the info with a grain of salt, but if at all true, Unit 13A has produced some monsters during last weeks hunt.

The ones from 13A checked over 200" are as follows:
  1. 8x8 scoring around 230"- Sunshine Point
  2. 10X9 scoring around 249" - Tuweep valley
  3. 8X7 scoring around 205"
  4. 7X7 scoring right around 224"
  5. 8X8 scoring 240"- Hancock Knoll
  6. 7x7 scoring 234"- Tuweep valley
  7. 8x10 scoring 230"- Cold spring wash
  8. 206"- Duane Shroufe
  9. 226"- Linda Shroufe
  10. 7X9- 234" East of Hancock Knoll
Pics that were sent with email below: