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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flies Don't Catch Fish... People Do.

The title of this post is a line from an article written by steelhead guru Dennis Dickson. This is about as accurate a statement I have heard in a sport full of exaggerated nuance. Proximity to steelhead and a well presented fly is all you need to be successful. And both factors in this equation have more to do with the fisherman than the fly, its color, its size, or type. So just go fish and quit wondering what the "hot" fly is.

One of the best "Fly-Presenters" in the state of Washington, Tate Bare, checked-in from the Methow River on February 12th with this note:

"It is two 2:30 am, I will be leaving for the Methow in a half hour. Just finished the last of my simplified egg-sucking buggers. As usual, I will be hunting for pigs with a nymphing setup. If I'm lucky I will send photos this evening. I'll try to call you later."

Methow native 2/12/11

A surprise cutbow caught on a simplified woolly bugger that caught also caught the steelhead above.  A well presented fly can be deadly on any species.