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Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 AZ Archery Elk

(by Bryce Bare)
Spent the last few days chasing bugling elk in the pines and cedar flats of northern Arizona's unit 7 West.  The first few days of the season the elk were bugling in the mornings, but my overall impression was that the rut wasn't in full swing.  The temprature has risen in the past few days and I am interested to get back up there tomorrow to see how the rut is progressing.
Most of our days have been spent hunting in the early morning and evenings and sleeping and glassing during
the afternoons.  I have been doing my best to record this hunt which partially responsible for my lack of good photos.  We have seen some good bulls from afar and have been within 20 yds or some good sounding bulls but they have never shown themselves for a shot.  I have my fingers crossed that with increased rutting activity we can get one to run us over with just a few chirps and screams.

With any luck Harper will get one down tomorrow.  Stay tuned.