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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gear Review: Carter RX1 Release

(by Tate Bare)
You would think that if the release is good enough for the legendary Randy Ulmer it would be far superior to anything a low-life hunter like myself needs. …So I thought as my brother suggested the product and as I stood in the sporting goods store staring at the price tag. And down goes another victim of marketing.

The trouble I have had with the Carter RX1 release is attraction and accumulation of fine metals to the releases magnet. Perhaps I am inordinately harsh on my archery equipment or live and hunt in an area high levels of metal in the soil. I don’t know, but it has caused my release to operate poorly and is very difficult to clean/remove metals.

It should be known that I am continuing to use the release with the aid of an air compressor for frequent cleaning. I just hope this issue doesn’t arise in the field at that split second when the buck’s head is down for a drink and it is time to draw.

Update:  Reply from Carter Enterprises -
"Hi Bryce, Unfortunately with the magnet return system it is necessary to blow the magnet and jaw area out with compressed air to keep if free of debris. This should probably be done about once a month to keep it in good working order. I have heard of a couple isolated incidents and it may be due to iron content in the soil.  Please let me know if I can assist you further."

Thanks, Forrest Carter

Despite my issues I really appreciate this kind of customer service.  It took them no more than 2 hours to respond to my concerns via email.  I will continue to be a loyal Carter Enterprises customer.