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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Danner Jackal Boots

(by Tate Bare)
Where to start with the Jackals?... I guess I should start by saying, “So far, so good”. I generally approach my satisfaction with new boots with some cynicisms. Boots can go from great to $hit in no time.

I just recently purchased the Danner Jackals and spent the last month hunting archery deer, elk, and bear. From the outset they have been very comfortable. My only complaint is that the heel pad inside the boot is very thick, which is no problem, but it is not cupped enough to prevent heel movement on steep hillsides. I think I may buy new foot pads for the boots.

The soles are soft and probably not good for hiking with a heavy pack, but they are great for approaching game quietly.

The real test for these boots will come in the next few months as bird hunting will be in full swing.  My bird dog (Basil) and I will be chasing pheasant and chukar.  The boots will be put through the ringer... up hills, across rim rock, through mud, and beat though thick brush.  If they hold up, they will get my highest admiration.

To wrap up, the boots are comfortable, light, quiet, and relatively cheap at $139.99.  The Jackals lack support and the jury is still out on the durability.  I am highly satisfied with these boots so far.  I will keep you posted.